Life after Highfields

The foundations of success

How Highfields can help your child prepare

In our Nursery

During these most special of formative years, the Highfields Nursery experience allows our youngest learners to explore their senses to the full, discover who they are, explore their environment and develop their natural curiosity in a language-rich environment.

Children are surrounded by skillful adults who nurture and guide them through the key experiences which define childhood and enable them to develop both trusting relationships and a strong sense of self-esteem from which they can blossom and grow.

In Pre-Prep

In Pre-Prep, children develop independence and their ability to self-regulate. A strong sense of achievement and belief in their own abilities is cultivated and continually reinforced by a whole school ethos of family and unconditional support.

Children are encouraged to take managed risks to realise their own strengths, and reach their potential with individual differences being celebrated. The robust core curriculum is enriched with skills-based extra-curricular opportunities such as music, forest school and swimming to ensure children develop in a holistic way.

Speech and drama, including the highly acclaimed LAMDA examinations, contribute hugely to the development of children’s presentation skills and self-confidence. Learning to play an instrument is an option from Form 1 which further develops confidence and is widely linked to high academic achievement.

In Prep

The rigorous Cambridge curriculum which we follow from Forms 1-6 in the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science provides excellent preparation for Common Entrance examinations, and increases significantly in challenge in Prep (Forms 3-6) .

Attainment is tracked termly and shared with families identifying focus areas. Learning is presented to encourage reasoning and higher order thinking skills using FOSIL (Framework Of Skills for Independent Learning) to ensure study skills are well-embedded ensuring a seamless transition to secondary settings.

Additional study sessions are provided specifically to prepare pupils for Common Entrance examinations in addition to a series of interview technique workshops which are delivered in both small groups and on a 1:1 basis in the term prior to examinations.

Expectations are high at Highfields, demonstrated in our school vision – Be Valiant, Aim High, Achieve More.

Fulfilling individual potential is our commitment to families, and developing the whole individual is fundamental to this. The rigour of our academic provision and the breadth of our enriched curriculum is an excellent preparation for Common Entrance, senior school and life after Highfields. We endeavour to ensure the full Highfields experience enables every child to be ready for their next steps – where ever they may lead!

Preparing for a scholarship application

At Highfields we support pupils and families in the preparation of a portfolio to support scholarship application. This is a process of evidence gathering which begins in the upper Prep years. As a school we will provide supporting documentation and personalised references for your child’s application. We will work in partnership with families to ensure applications are as strong as possible.

Preparing for 11+ Examinations and entry to Grammar Schools

At Highfields our ethos is to provide children with choices and options so they can select the best senior school setting for them. We have a rigorous 11+ Preparation Programme which begins in Form 3.  Mrs McGhie, our Assessment Lead, is our 11+ specialist teacher and delivers this tuition. Children’s progress is tracked carefully and shared regularly with families. In Form 5 pupils have a greater curriculum focus on senior school preparation which includes 11+ tuition with an 11+ Club taking place weekly and Summer School 11+ Workshops across the holiday period. Our success rate of 11+ examination success and entry to grammar school is very high.

Senior School Successes

Destinations for recent leavers include:
  • Nottingham High School
  • Nottingham Girls’ High School
  • Trent College
  • Stamford Endowed Schools
  • Oakham School
  • Lincoln Minster School
  • The King’s Grammar School (Grantham)
  • Carre’s Grammar School (Sleaford)
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School
  • Kesteven and Sleaford High School

Every year many of our pupils are offered scholarships to their chosen senior school in a range of disciplines including music, sport, art, academic and as all rounders.

All of our Form 6 pupils are awarded Prefect roles across school which helps to build their confidence and sense of accountability to others as they approach senior school.  The DARE drug awareness scheme also forms part of the curriculum for Form 6 to help them understand and negotiate some of the challenges which they may face as they embark on the next stage of their education.  We are committed to equipping our leavers to succeed in their next steps.