Time spent in any classroom at Highfields will ignite your child’s natural love of learning within a calm and purposeful environment.

Involving your child in the initial planning of a topic, they are able to take ownership of their learning, resulting in engaged and well-motivated pupils. Lessons are skills led as well as knowledge based allowing for an array of different learning styles which will encourage and foster your child’s natural enthusiasm, energy, curiosity and passion for learning.

Cambridge Curriculum

At Highfields we strongly believe that learners’ educational experiences have greatest meaning and impact by being both contextualised and holistic; inclusive of their cognitive, social and emotional development. We therefore align with the ethos of the Cambridge Curriculum in that success in education should not solely be measured by learners’ academic achievements, but should also be concerned with learners’ wellbeing – how they feel and function in the context of education is of the utmost importance to us. Please see our Wellbeing Policy for further details.

All children from Nursery to Form 6 benefit from specialist teaching within Music, PE and Games.  Within Prep (Forms 3-6) we also draw upon the expertise of our teaching team to provide subject-led teaching in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Art and Science.

All pupils within our school have a Personal Learning Profile which acknowledges their strengths and ‘learning essentials’. Our profiles are used as a means to ensure transition throughout the school and allowing pupils to have a bespoke learning pathway which takes account of all their individual needs in a very holistic way.

By monitoring and tracking every child’s progress closely we are able to ensure that all children are working towards achieving their targets and where needed we provide tailored specialist support or extension to compliment and optimise their learning.

An organic curriculum

We follow the Cambridge Primary Programme for English, Mathematics and Science, which provides excellent foundations for senior school, as well as plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression and personal wellbeing in a variety of contexts carefully tailored both to cohort needs and individual learning styles.

In conjuction with the excellent, world class Cambridge curriculum, we follow the National Curriculum for Geography, History, RE, MFL (currently Spanish), Art and DT, PSHE, Computing and Sport and PE. Highfields is additionally committed to facilitating the aquisition of learning behaviours, and nurtures a growth mindset approach.  We foster independent research and study skills which are harnessed from the Nursery years onwards, and are carefully layered and built upon as children move into and through the school.


Accurately measuring a student’s potential and progress can transform learning and ensures informed decisions are made about individual students and their educational needs and next steps. At Highfields we are committed to optimising pupil outcomes by ensuring all children fulfill their potential. We share the ambitions of our parent community in identifying and supporting children’s strengths and talents in addition to unlocking areas of development and potential. Learner wellbeing is a significant priority for us

At Highfields we use a range of summative and formative assessment approaches; including through discussion, observation and lesson outputs in addition to asking older learners to sit a test.

At the end of the primary programme (Term 3, Form 6) we assess core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science using Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests. These examinations are marked externally by Cambridge International.

We monitor learners’ performance from our Reception class (Navigators) to Form 6 in comparison to their previous performance, the rest of their class and against national and international benchmarks. Learning conferences and Pupil Progress Meetings are held termly with class teachers and also our Assessment Lead.

The school shares progress and attainment with families on a termly basis, in both written report formats and in Parent Meetings. (Reports and Parent Meetings have continued throughout the Pandemic).