Viva Espana!

We are excited to announce that from this week we are starting to learn Spanish as our Modern Foreign Language (MFL). Learning a foreign language not only opens doors in the future for careers but also provides an opening to learning about other cultures. Twenty countries in the world have Spanish as their dialect and many of us holiday in places such as Spain or Mallorca. Learning a foreign language not only gives us confidence while abroad to ask for things we would like; it also opens doors for future careers, helps us to learn about the wider world and other cultures.

To kick off our new MFL we are having a Spanish Day today (Monday 29th April). As well as learning about Spanish speaking countries, we are trying flamenco dancing and creating pieces of art like like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro or Salvador Dali. Mr Ling has delivered a delicious (or should we say deliciosa!) Spanish themed menu. To start the day and put us all in the Spanish mood, we had our new guitar teacher, Mr Rungapadiachy, playing some Spanish guitar music! Some photos from the day follow below.