Visit to Highfields by newly elected MP for Newark, Mr Robert Jenrick

Today was no ordinary day at Highfields as we were visited by Mr Robert Jenrick MP, who was elected just a week ago following the Newark by-election.  Happily his visit coincided with Form 1’s assembly, the theme for which was inspired by their current topic of superheroes.  As everybody knows, superheroes wear their underwear OVER their costumes, so the title of Form !’s assembly today was “Pants”.

Taking their inspiration from Giles Andrae’s book of the same name (“Pants”) the children sang their way through the whole book, describing  all sorts of different pants – “Groovy pants, funky pants, cheeky little monkey pants”.  They had made wonderful paper pants which they held up for the parents to see.

Mr Jenrick presented this week’s awards and trophies and commented what a wonderful school we have here at Highfields and he enjoyed himself very much indeed. He was only planning on staying for half the assembly but asked if he could stay until the end because he was having such a great time!

Next year’s Form 6 will be visiting the Houses of Parliament in the spring as part of their Democracy and Constitutional Studies as they do every year.  They have always met our local MP in the House of Commons and this year Mr Jenrick is looking forward to welcoming them to meet him in his official office and has offered them an extra special experience next year, possibly including tea!