Take a virtual tour around our beautiful school!

Welcome to a “virtual tour” of our amazing and wonder-filled school. We hope to bring Highfields to life on your screen.

We have set up this virtual tour page to enable you to view some embedded “tour” videos led by pupils at our school, delivered in their own words, spontaneously and naturally. 

Our pupils are at the centre of everything we do at Highfields.  It is they who sparkle and are the lifeblood of our school, having an input into all levels of school life. We never plan purely from an adult’s perspective – we take the lead from what our children need to grow and thrive and we are always keen to know their thoughts to guide next steps.

At Highfields, our pupils are our priority and it is only natural that our pupils play an active role in our adapted activities for prospective parents.  We hope you enjoy it!

If you like what you see at Highfields, why not organise a visit to see for yourself.

Welcome to our virtual tour!

Arthur and Emily would like to welcome you to Highfields personally. 

Ready for your tour?

Join the Head Boy and Head Girl on a tour around the school and meet some of our brilliant captains!


Time spent in any classroom at Highfields will enkindle and fortify your child’s natural love of learning within a calm and purposeful environment. Take a peek at what our children experience during a ‘normal’ school day.

Form 1 Literacy

Take a look into a typical literacy lesson. Form 1 are creating Cinderella story maps!

Form 5

Form 5 are working independently on a variety of tasks, taking pride in their learning.

Art Room

Our Arts Captain, Form 6 prefect Sriya, speaks with friends from Prep about Art and DT at Highfields.

Form 2 Science

Teamwork and great concentration in Form 2’s Science lesson demonstrating problem solving in action!

Nursery Tidy Up Time

Our incidental parts of the day are always an opportunity to learn as our Nursery children demonstrate. 

Navigators Planning Time

Our Reception class (Navigators) work on their own missions – applying their new skills whilst collaborating with their friends.


Next, Arthur and Emily will take you on a tour outside to see and hear more of how we learn and share some of their highlights!

The Highfields Swans

Our Arts Captain, Sriya, champions creativity at the school. She is the designer of the “Highfields Swans”, a beautiful artwork that has been carved from the trunk of a fallen tree in our grounds.

Enterprise and Charity work

Bronte and Eloise are our Enterprise and Charity Captains. They raise awareness of matters within our community, supporting good causes and making a real difference.

Outdoor Learning Programme

George, our Environmental Ranger, shares his love of the outdoors at Highfields.

Exploring and playing

Join George, our Environmental Ranger, as he takes you on a short tour of one of our dens!

House teams

At Highfields, accountability and rewarding positive behaviour is important. Isabella and Henna tell us all about House points and how you win them!

Outdoor Learning

At Highfields, every child participates in Forest School or Bushcraft every week as part of our ‘Restorative Curriculum’. Here, our older pupils learn how to light a fire with flint.

Active Enrichment

At Highfields our curriculum is stunningly broad and exciting – let’s hear all about it from our Sport Captains!

Forest School for Navigators

Our Reception pupils (Navigators) love getting outside in the fresh air during their Forest School sessions.

Tool Bench Play

Fine motor control and pre writing skills are developed in an inspiring way at Highfields Day Nursery.

Outside Learning

Our classrooms are both indoor and outdoors. Here you will see our Reception children in action outside.

What a way to finish the week!

Our whole school goes swimming on a Friday with the exception of pupils in Prep who enjoy other activities, as soon as they are competent swimmers, in our Active Enrichment PE programme.  Amy will tell you more.


Sports at Highfields

Meet James and Amy our Sports Captains again to learn more about Sport and PE.

Swimming Gala

Each year we hold a Swimming Gala for our families to watch!


We have a thriving Music Department here at Highfields.  Every child will have an excellent experience of music, the emphasis being firmly on enjoyment and practical activity. Take a look at all our talented musicians below.

Form 3/4 Play Rehearsal finale

Highfields pupils love drama and especially singing in their productions.  They practise with both CDs and with our talented pianist Mrs. Wright.

School Choir (Spring)

Listen to our Prep School singing – this was recorded pre Covid 19.

Singing at Highfields

Listen to one of our pre Covid singing sessions – this excerpt is of the early stages of a new song which the children were learning.

Singing fun!

Singing lessons are great fun at Highfields. We are proud of our specialist vocal coach input which all pupils benefit from in weekly whole class sessions.

Ukulele Lesson

Experience a snippet of a whole class Ukulele session.

Private Music Lesson

Our pupils have the opportunity to learn a vast array of musical instruments with specialist and highly supportive peripatetic music teachers. This is Lily (Form 4) in action during her lesson.


All of our children enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals prepared lovingly by our catering staff. Read more about our Food, Glorious Food here!

Come to our Open Morning on Saturday 7th May 2022 10am-12noon