U11 Rugby v Lincoln Minster (H) – Wednesday 18th November 2015

Highfields’ U11 boys got away to a flying start against Lincoln Minster this afternoon, Wednesday 18th November, scoring three tries within the first few minutes, all of which were ably converted.  The visitors didn’t seem to be able to catch up, and by half time we were comfortably ahead on 5 tries with 5 conversions.  However, our opponents rallied in the second half and soon they were putting the ball down as easily as we had been before the half time whistle.  Catching us up, they managed 5 tries to our final total of 8 but our conversion rate was 100% so the final score was 64-45 to us.  A convincing win to Highfields and very well played to both teams!  Thank you to Mr Lewis for “reff-ing”.