U11 Netball v St Hugh’s – Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Two groups of U11 girls travelled to St Hugh’s school on Wednesday to compete in our first netball fixture of 2019.

Our more experienced ‘A’ team (Scarlett, Kitty, Tessa, Mya, Ria, Jemima and Martha) had a tough first match against a strong St Hugh’s ‘A’ team. All girls put in an exceptional effort to improve as the game went on and showed they were able to listen to feedback, tune their skills and communicate as a team. The game ended with a scoreline favouring St. Hugh’s, but the progress the girls made in stepping up from Hi5s format to the traditional 7s game was testament to the natural instinct of the group.

Our ‘B’ team (Merrow, Holly, Deeya, Beatrix, Rebecca, Ellie, Jessie and Poppy) adapted quickly to the new positions and rules of Hi5 netball. Throughout the match there was end-to-end play and several near goals from Deeya and Holly. We were impressed with the whole team as they showed a good understanding of switching between attacking and defensive play. The final score was a 0 – 0 draw which demonstrated how closely matched the two teams were.

The journey back was quiet! There seems to be a familiar theme on the minibus at present! Ssssshhhh!