Tree Ambassadors

This term Forms One and Two have been completing a new challenge to be ‘Tree Ambassadors’.  We are trying to get our final few points to go towards our Gold Green Tree Schools Award.  The children have been identifying trees and finding out why trees are so important.  They have completed a variety of activities including tree orienteering, tree blindfold trails, leaf and bark rubbing, tree collages using natural materials and den making in the Forest Schools area.  Just before half term the children worked in their House groups to make up little plays, songs and poems to try and tell other people why it is so important to look after the trees and we performed an Assembly to the younger children.

101_0915Tree Ambassadors 25.5.16

Tree Ambassadors (2) 25.5.16Tree Ambassadors (3) 25.5.16






The key messages the children found out are:-

Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen for us to breathe.

Trees provide habitats for other living things.

Trees give us shade.

Trees help the soil to be more stable.

Trees give us paper and can be made into furniture.

Here is the poem written by the children in Welbeck

Trees by Welbeck

Don’t cut down trees.

Please, please, please.

It’s an animals habitat

rat a tat tat.

They give us shade.

for the picnics we have made.

Please, please, please don’t cut down trees.

Can you identify five different types of trees?


Mrs Saunders.