To the Workhouse! Southwell, Tuesday 27th September 2016

Stepping back in time at the Workhouse in Southwell, Forms 5 and 6 had to imagine what life was like for the poor children (and grown ups) who were sent to the Workhouse.  The following is a piece by one of our Form 6 pupils:

Dear Diary,

I am in my cramped room. I am supposed to be asleep but I can’t, so I am writing in my diary. I wish I’d never come here. I had to because my mother died in child birth and my father didn’t want me, my brother or my sister. So, here we are in the Workhouse. I am in a separate room to my sister but I am still with my brother. Every day the Master comes in, kicks open the door and screams at us saying, ‘Get to work or there will be no lunch!’ He slams the door against us.
At mealtimes I’ve see boys sneakily put food in their pockets to eat later. I am really hungry but the last time I saw someone try to steal food, they were beaten up right in front of everyone!
I’ve got to go now, I can hear Matron’s footsteps in the stone corridor outside.


Thomas Hopkin, aged 9
Here’s our gallery capturing the children’s experience…

workhouse-at-southwell-2-27-9-16 workhouse-at-southwell-3-27-9-16 workhouse-at-southwell-4-27-9-16 workhouse-at-soutthwell-27-9-16