The Vikings are coming! – Yorvik Centre, Wednesday 12th October 2016

On Wednesday the valiant Vikings in Forms 3 and 4 boarded their longboats and set sail for York. Our first stop was the Jorvik Centre where the children were able to see what life would have been like living in a Viking village. All children slept on the floor, no sugar, no crisps, an outdoor toilet! Later, led by our Chief Viking Mrs Smith, we marched off to ‘The Dig’. Here we became real archaeologists and uncovered some amazing things from bones, to coins to a Victorian potty! The finale to the day was becoming Viking warriors. Protected by our shields and making a huge amount of noise, we faced our enemy, who was wielding a real sword. Luckily, we all survived the battle.

The children were a credit to the school. Exceptional good behaviour and great interest and enthusiasm shown by all and as we walked through the streets of York they received lots of positive comments about their behaviour. A super day – thank you for making it so enjoyable, children.

Mrs Turner, Mrs Smith and Mrs McGivern