Storyteller comes to school – Thursday 3rd July 2014

Author James Sage Visits Storytelling Club

James Sage is a writer for children.  He believes that if he had spent as much time writing rather than thinking about writing, he would now have enough books to fill several libraries.  As it is he has aimed at the small but exotic, with work featuring ambling polar bears, bands that can’t stop playing, little girls who like red shoes rather more than they should, beasts at play in the night, coyotes at work during the day, overweight cats and so forth and so on.  He lives in a small house with an even smaller garden entirely devoted to the nourishment of slugs, snails and just about anything with an appetite for greenery.  He would tell you where it is but he has already forgotten.  It’s out there somewhere, in that world called Lincolnshire. 

This afternoon, Mrs Keen’s Storytelling Club were fortunate enough to receive a special visit from author – and Mrs Keen’s friend – James Sage.  He read them two of his books, ‘Sassy Gracie’ and ‘Fat Cat.’  Mr Sage had even brought Sassy Gracie’s red shoes and the Cook’s big stick along with him to use as props.  Mrs Keen and the children also read ‘Mr Beast’ to him, using percussion instruments for sound effects.

At the end of the club, Mrs Keen presented each of the children who attend her storytelling club with a signed copy of one of Mr Sage’s books.  Thank you Mr Sage and Mrs Keen!