SPORTS DAY 2016 – the gallery

Highfields Sports Day 2016 was the best ever with a brilliant programme of events including both infants and juniors.  In the morning a number of new records were set in the field events including:  high jump (Henry J 1,27m), long jump F6 (Henry J 4.18m), long jump F5 (Alex 3.5m tied), shot put F6 (Finn 6.82m), shot put F5 (Alex 6.18m), long jump F5 (Frankie 3.52m), discus (Frankie 14.5m), javelin (Frankie 11.4m), high jump F4 (Eva 1m), long jump F4 3.1m (Alice).  Congratualtions to all!

The afternoon began with an athletes parade, with each House waving their House banner in true Olympian style!  Infants had obstacle races, quoit and sprint races, the great sack race and egg and spoon.  The juniors ran their distance races first while their legs were still fresh (800m for Form 6!) then had the tug of war finals took place for 3rd/4th place and 1st place (won by Clumber).  Junior sprint races and House relays were very exciting and the highlight of the afternoon was the parents’ tug of war.

Well done to everyone for joining in and taking part in this terrific day and a special thank you to Mr Lewis for his brilliant organisation and for hosting each race with commentary throughout the day.  The overall winning House this year was Rufford – well done, Rufford!

Sports day 2016 Athletes parade (1) Sports Day 2016 Athletes parade (2) Sports Day 2016 Athletes parade (3) Sports day 2016 Athletes parade (4) Sports day Athletes parade (last)

Sports Day 2016 - tug of war (mums)