Speech Night – Wednesday 11th July 2018

Our guest of honour at this year’s Speech Night was Professor The Lord Patel of Bradford OBE who delivered an inspiring address to our Class of 2018 about the value of education and awarded cups and trophies.

Lord Patel has an outstanding international reputation for his work on mental health, substance misuse and also in identifying the health and social care needs of a broad range of vulnerable people and communities.  He is currently the Chair of Social Work England.

Our Head Boy and Head Girl, Luke and Eva, also gave fantastic speeches.

Well done to all who received an award tonight.

SPORTSMANSHIP                                                                                            Olivia Cave                        

BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY                                                                                                Hector Ferrer                   

PRESENTATION OF THE GIRLS’ SWIMMING CUP                                               Eva Good                                                                                       PRESENTATION OF THE BOYS’ SWIMMING CUP                                                Spencer Syme Nicholson                                            

 BALDERTON MILLENNIUM CUP                                                                 Highfields Netball League Team Alice McLintock (Captain), Olivia Cave, Eva Good, Kitty Higgins-Sinclair, Scarlett Nelson, Jessica Tejpal, Hannah Turner, Kitty Cameron and Martha Nelson

CHESS PLAYER OF THE YEAR                                                                       William Newbold

STRING PLAYER OF THE YEAR                                                                     Beatrix Råsbäck                               

MOST IMPROVED WOODWIND PLAYER                                                                Hannah Turner

MOST IMPROVED BRASS PLAYER                                                              George Hewitt                                

ART CUP                                                                                                              Milo Higgins-Sinclair                                                               

MATTHEWS HISTORY CUP                                                                           Rafe West          

THE TWEEDALE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY CUP                                         Kitty Higgins-Sinclair                                                    

SCIENCE SHIELD                                                                                                Selkie Erridge

ENGLISH (POETRY & LITERATURE) CUP                                                  Juliet Carle

ICT CUP                                                                                                                                Tom Cotton

SPORTS BOY OF THE YEAR                                                                           Luke Whaley

SPORTS GIRL OF THE YEAR                                                                           Megan Ferrier

MUSIC CUP                                                                                                        Jenson Sealy

THE LONGSTAFF CUP FOR ‘DEDICATION TO                                         Lillie Abel                                          


THE BAMFORD ‘ACADEMIC                                                                         Harry Cameron


THE WOOD FAMILY CUP FOR ENDEAVOUR                                          Alice McLintock

THE COLE FAMILY ‘FRIENDSHIP’ CUP                                                      Jessica Tejpal   

THE TRADITIONAL VALUES CUP                                                                 Isobel Pearce                                   

THE ‘JOHNNY’ JOHNSON TROPHY                                                           Scarlett Nelson                                

THE HEADMASTER’S AWARD                                                                George Hewitt