Time spent in any classroom here at Highfields School will highlight your child’s natural love of learning within a calm and purposeful environment.

Involving your child in the initial planning of a topic, they are able to take ownership of their learning, resulting in engaged and well-motivated pupils.  Lessons are skills led as well as knowledge based allowing for an array of different learning styles which will encourage and foster your child’s natural enthusiasm, energy, curiosity and passion for learning.

Since 2016 we have followed the Cambridge curriculum in maths, English and science, offering well planned, innovative lessons.  In all subject areas we adopt a themed approach, changing every term.  Our thought provoking, enhanced curriculum helps to further develop and extend the children’s enquiring minds.  We firmly believe learning should be fun and exciting, building your child’s self-esteem and confidence to explore and experience new challenges.

All children from Nursery to Form Six benefit from specialist teaching within Music, PE and Games.  Within KS2 we also draw upon the expertise of our teaching team to provide subject-led teaching in subjects such as Maths, English, Art and Science.

By monitoring and tracking your child’s progress closely we are able to ensure that all children are working towards achieving their targets and where needed we provide tailor made expert individual or small group support or extension to compliment their learning.