School Council tea party – Monday 13th June 2016

Members of this year’s School Council gathered together for one last time, to enjoy a little thank you tea party.  Miss Wilson thanked all of the representatives for their hard work throughout this year and for all of the positive changes that have been made in school, as a result of the views, ideas and suggestions they have collected and put forward.

The School Council would like to thank Mr Lewis for his help and support this year.  Secondly, thank you to Mr Thomson for also attending our meetings and responding to all items discussed. Thank you to governors, Mrs Cameron and Mr Parr, for reading our minutes and for their positivity and support as well. Finally, we would also like to thank both Mr Ling and the FFH for being particularly receptive to the ideas and suggestions raised via School Council.

The children all talked positively about their time as a representative and have enjoyed the experience and opportunity.  They liked attending the meetings and having their views heard and either further explained, or actioned by the Headmaster.  Some children said that being on the School Council made them feel special, proud and important to be voted into such a responsible and fundamental role.  However, the highlight for all of the children was the opportunity to interview the prospective candidates for the role of Deputy Head!

Well done and thank you School Council 2015/16 – you should feel very proud of yourselves!