School Council elected

Congratulations to these pupils, who are our new School Councillors.  Last week, they were elected by their form to represent them at School Council meetings.  They were issued with their badges and special notebooks, during assembly on Monday.

Firstly, the reps must collect the views of their class and pass them on, during our meetings. Then, they must let their class know what was discussed in the meeting, after each one.

School Council meetings will take place, about once a month, with Miss Wilson and Miss Crocker.  The Form 6 reps will also meet with Mr Thomson, shortly after each meeting, in order to feedback the pupils’ views and ideas.  One of our governors, Mrs Sarah Cameron, also receives a copy of the minutes each month.  The children can be assured therefore that their views are taken seriously and dealt with at the highest level.  Mrs Cameron will also be attending one of our meetings shortly, along with Mr Ling, and hopefully a representative from the FFH.

We all look forward to hearing every one of the children’s fantastic ideas for making Highfields an even better place to be!  Last year’s School Council helped the governors to interview for a new catering manager, and a Head teacher.  There is now amazing adventure playground equipment in place, film nights are now themed, candyfloss is sold at some FFH events, and there have been extensive menu changes, as a direct result of our previous School Council’s hard work and dedication.  Wow! What will be the impact of our ‘pupil voice’ this year, I wonder?

As parents, you may wish to remind your child, as necessary, that the children in School always have the option to raise any issues they might have either via their School Council reps, or anonymously by posting them into the red ‘suggestions box’ in the corridor.  This might be things that they perceive to be unfair, or that they would like an explanation, or further clarification, as to why a certain rule is in place.   Thank you for your continued support.