Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies – Forms 3 and 4 production, Wednesday 15th March 2017

A tale of tights, fights and footlights!  Forms 4 and 3 pupils showcased a production of Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies on Wednesday, to a packed audience.

The production told the story of how Robin Hood and his Merry Men escaped the clutches of the evil King John and his Sheriff.

The 30-strong cast of children worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and performed with great enthusiasm. The action-packed production was full of cheesy jokes and one liners that had the audience in fits of laughter, while the catchy songs and dance moves performed by Robin and his Merry Men had everyone tapping their feet and jigging along.

The finale sees the rotten Sheriff meet his downfall in the ‘Squisher’,  King John disobeys his own rule of ‘no buts’ and King Richard makes his triumphant return.

A massive thank you to all those that helped make this production possible. The production team was Mrs Turner, Mr Lewis and Mrs Smith.  They would like to say a huge thank you to Head of Music, Ms Cozens, for her wonderful accompaniment, to the parents for your help in learning lines and making costumes, to Mrs Martin and the older children for helping create some of the scenery and for turning our school hall into an amazing theatre.  Also thank you to the FFH for providing refreshments.  And finally… a great big thank you to all of the children in Forms 3 and 4 who have worked so hard in rehearsals to learn and perfect this show. Everyone at Highfields is very proud of you.