Remote Learning

We are extremely proud of our Remote Learning at Highfields. We have a virtual school called ‘Highfields Online’ on Google Classroom with a plethora of different classrooms bursting with learning and inspiring our learners to explore a variety of subject areas and topics. Our rooms include virtual form rooms for every year group where teachers set learning tasks and pupils can meet in a safe place to talk about their learning or just generally chat.

We have age specific playgrounds for pupils to relax, and a range of additional, communal rooms for all our pupils to access including a Research Lab, an Art Room and The Stage, our very own Speech and Drama room! We hold online assemblies in the School Hall and online PE lessons in our Sports and PE classroom. We also have a Wellbeing room for our pupils with yoga and mindfulness activities, a School Council room and an 11+ Study room. We even have an online space for parents!

Our online learning programme was planned very carefully to ensure it was of the highest quality to optimise learning and engagement. It was reviewed in December 2020 with a pupil wellbeing and online learning satisfaction survey. Our online learning programme is accompanied by an array of physical resources supplied by the school including all the necessary materials necessary to bring the online programme alive!

For more details of our philosophy of online learning please click here.