Reception go to Gravity Fields Science Festival – Friday 23rd September 2016

He’s Lincolnshire’s most famous son, and this month Sir Isaac Newton is honoured by a special celebration of his work, the Gravity Fields Science Festival in Grantham.

2016 is the 350th anniversary of Newton’s “Year of Wonders” – his Annus Mirabilis – when, because of the plague, he returned from Cambridge to Woolsthorpe Manor and made massive scientific advances in maths, light and gravitational forces.  350 years on from 1666, the Gravity Fields Festival 2016 celebrates Newton’s scientific achievements.  The Festival is designed to educate and entertain both adults and children alike in celebration of this mathematician turned physicist who became one of civilisation’s greatest thinkers.

On Friday the Navigators class went on their first school visit to the festival.  They were very excited to be going on the school minibus.  The show we watched was called the Body of Light, which involved a large computer screen, lots of different colours, lights and special effects and a very good dancer. The images of the dancer were projected onto the screen as he moved.

Another one of our pupils in Form 1 travelled to the festival at the weekend and he met Professor Marcus du Sautoy who is the “Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science” at Oxford University no less!  One of our parents illustrated Prof du Sautoy’s last book (which he is holding in the picture below) and he had just given a lecture on it and was signing copies afterwards, so they got to have a bit of an extended meet and greet with him.  He was very thrilled to meet our Form 1 pupil and hear all about Highfields.