Reception go pumpkin spotting at Maxey’s Farm! Tuesday 27th September 2016

This is Reception’s second trip out in the minibus!  Today we have had a fantastic visit to Maxey’s Farm.  First of all we were greeted by Jill, who welcomed us to the farm and gave us a safety talk.  Then she showed us some of the different vegetables that are grown on the farm, including some different pumpkins and squashes.  Next we walked to the enormous pumpkin field and had a look at all of the pumpkins.  There were even snowman pumpkins that are white!

After that we went for a walk in the spooky wood (all decorated with ‘spooky’ cobwebs, spiders, bats etc.)and had a drink and a piece of fruit.  Jill read us some pumpkin stories and it was time to walk back around the field.  When we got back to the farm shop Jill gave us all a pumpkin and there is a special recipe for Pumpkin Soup.  Mrs Saunders bought a pumpkin too and we are going to try and make some soup at school tomorrow.

pumpkin-spotting-at-maxeys-farm-27-9-16 pumpkin-spotting-at-maxeys-farm-2-27-9-16 pumpkin-spotting-at-maxeys-farm-3-27-9-16