Primary Engineer Competition at Norbridge Academy – Tuesday 24 May 2016

We’ve just arrived at Norbridge Academy in Worksop. There’s just time for a quick snack before the judging begins! Exciting!

image1 (4)






Team Coco discussing the designing and making process with one of the judges.

image1 (5)






One team conquered the dreaded ramp test!


image1 (8)






Team Sweet Wheels telling the judge all about their model

image1 (6)






Team Sweet Tyres completing the straight line test!

image1 (7)






Team Mixels explaining the designing and making process to Adam, the judge.

image1 (9)






Go Team Mixels!

image1 (10)image2 (2)image3 (2)






Team Sweet Tyres were Engineer Level 1 runners up. Well done, girls!

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