Educational success

We have a truly unique opportunity at Highfields Kindergarten as we can demonstrate the impact of our provision through the outstanding results achieved by those children who go on to attend Highfields Main School.

When we followed the National Curriculum and carried out SATs testing, it was found that children who attended our Kindergarten and who went on into Main School achieved a SATs score at the age of 7 years.  This was on average 15% to 20% above the Key Stage 1 national average score in reading, writing and mathematics.  In further results some of our children were also achieving Level 3 which is not estimated nationally to be attainable until 9 years of age.  We now follow Cambridge Curriculum in Main School and SATs testing is no longer continued.

Whilst we may not be able to demonstrate what the children achieve if they move on into another school, we are confident that, wherever your choice of primary school for your child, they will have a very strong foundation to build on having attended our Kindergarten.

We also work very hard to ensure we adapt our planning for our younger children.  We are very aware of each child’s age and stage of development through our regular assessment and monitoring procedures. This allows us to plan for each individual child’s Next Steps and demonstrate progress on a termly basis.