Navigators visit the Royal Mail Delivery Office

All our Kindergarten classes have been busy on a Post Office theme this week with the Explorers designing stamps and the Adventurers writing letters just like in the Jolly Postman book – they will have a lovely surprise tomorrow morning when their letters arrive! 

And wow! … what an amazing visit to the Newark Post Office Delivery Office yesterday for the Navigators.  The children were very excited all morning. We walked down to the bus stop and waited for the bus.  Despite our fears, the bus arrived perfectly on time and delivered us to the bus station in Newark with ease.  In fact we were early so we had a quick walk to look at the canal and river.

We arrived at the Delivery Office on time and had to put on our high-vis vests and ID badges. 

We were all asked to sign in and the tour began. The children had all written their own letters and were able to put their letters into the correct delivery slots for delivery tomorrow.  Who knew there is a special slot for every single house in Newark and the surrounding villages!  Bertie lives in Lincolnshire so there was not a slot for his letter.  However, this meant that he was able to post his letter in the letter box and then we opened the letter box to see what was inside and collected all the mail.

The children looked at scanning and finding parcels; they looked at the weight of different parcels and we looked inside a Post Office van.  At the end of the afternoon we watched a super video about Lenny the Letter, to show how a letter is delivered and the children were given a wonderful goody bag of their very own.

What an amazing experience.  Thank you so much to everyone who was involved at the Delivery Office. This was one of the BEST trips we have ever been on and we shall not forget it!