National Space Centre visit

As part of this term’s theme of outer space, “To Infinity and Beyond”, this week our Prep pupils are visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester.  Forms 5 and 6 enjoyed an exhilarating experience on Monday, Forms 3 and 4 on Tuesday.

Forms 5 and 6 enjoyed a unique workshop which enabled the pupils to become Mission Control Staff and Space Centre Crew.  The Mission: To intercept a meteorite and deflect it from its collision course with Earth.

Each group operated under simulated conditions of those experienced on the Space Station.  These included: a contamination incident, loss of air pressure and oxygen leak, building a probe to be launched at the crucial moment to ensure deflection, maintaining the fitness levels of the Crew and communicating with Mission Control to ensure problems could be solved and answers found.

There were a few close shaves before finally the Crew were successful in their purpose.

Other treats included a simulator trip to Europa as well as exploring the interactive activities available, the Planetarium and climbing the giant dome.

We hope you enjoy our gallery of pictures.