Ms Clavering art exhibition – Friday 27th June 2014

We have been privileged today to host a remarkable art exhibition on Friday 27th June.  All the children contributed an amazing exhibition of work facilitated by the wonderful and very talented Ms Clavering.  Many parents were overawed by the breadth of creativity on display and had seldom seen their children produce art that meant so much to them before – and were suitably proud of it.

This artwork came about as the result of one-off workshops led within School by Ms Clavering which are intended to be an ongoing part of the children’s enriched curriculum.  Combined with Ms Clavering’s knowledge of the creative process she delivers a special hands-on talent for putting the children (whether they already have artistic leanings or not) in touch with the creative side of their brains; otherwise known as being “in the zone” which, as we all know, is a state of mind which has hugely positive repercussions in every other area of the children’s learning, development and general wellbeing.

Three cheers for Ms Clavering and sincere thanks from School and all the proud parents!