Leavers’ Lunch

The traditional Leavers’ Lunch took place this afternoon, Friday 8th July, when the parents of our Form 6 leavers were invited to join the children for one final lunch.  Staff too joined the group and Mr Thomson gave three cheers for the kitchen team.  Mr Ling served up some wonderful roast gammon followed by a wide selection of puddings.  Delicious thank you, Chef!

However, the star of today’s lunch was possibly the amazing Leavers’ Cake which has not been touched since the Leavers’ Party at the weekend but was now set about with a long knife.  Every member of Form 6 was represented in marzipan (really!) enjoying their favourite interest or hobby.  It was truly a work or art, commissioned again for the second year running by Mrs Whaley.  And yes it was SCRUMPTIOUS!

The Colours Assembly followed.