Infants’ Music Concert – Wednesday 18 May 2016

One of the many highlights of the Highfields calendar is the delightful Infants’ Music Concert, which took place this afternoon, Wednesday 18 May 2016.  All the infants, from Pre-School to Form 2, treated their parents and relatives to a spectacular showcase of songs and musicality.

The children have all been working hard to learn songs such as ‘Rainbow Tea’ and the very catchy ‘Doctor Knickerbocker.’ Our guests were also treated to a performance from our infant cello ensemble and many, many fantastic piano solos from children as young as Reception.  Pre-School opened the show, by both singing and dancing.

Thank you to our Head of Music, Ms Cozens, for all of her hard work to produce such an enjoyable concert. Thank you also to the FFH committee members and FFH Champions, who kindly volunteered their time to serve refreshments beforehand.

Infant Music Concert 2016 (2)Infant Music Concert 2016 (3)Infant Music Concert 2016 (4)Infant Music Concert 2016 (5)Infant Music Concert 2016 (6)