House Trips to Clumber Park and Rufford Park – Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Rufford (and Newstead) visit Rufford Park

On Wednesday 2nd July, Rufford and Newstead Houses enjoyed a fantastic house trip to Rufford Park.  We each made our very own kites and had a go at flying them.  The infants had a great time playing in the play area, whilst the juniors enjoyed team sports on the field.  After that, we all sat down together, under the shade of a tree, for our picnic lunch.  Then we each chose an ice cream from the shop, before we got back on the bus to return to school in time for home time.

Clumber and Welbeck Houses visited Clumber Park and enjoyed equal fun with their kite building and flying.

We are looking forward to making ‘House Trips’ an annual event too!