Holocaust centre trip

Freshly back from their residential in Yorkshire last week, Form 6 have today visited the Holocaust centre at nearby Laxton.  They spent a very engaging morning familiarising themselves with The Journey, the theme of the centre, prior to meeting their guest speaker Bernard Grunberg to hear his first hand account of the experience.

Here is Harry’s account of the day….

Today we went to the Holocaust Centre, which is a very interesting and informative museum about how difficult it was for Jewish people to live in Germany during the war.

First of all-we watched a little video about a boy call Leo, who was Jewish and living in Germany at the time Hitler was in charge. For the morning activity we learned about how difficult it was for Leo and his family who were being bullied for being Jewish.

Leo’s Father was a tailor (he made clothes) and one day the non- Jewish Germans attacked his shop! So he had to make a secret safe room to keep him and his family safe in case they did again. This must have been terrifying not knowing if they would strike again.

Then one day the prime minister of Great Britain said they would take 100,000 Jewish children into their country. This movement was called the Kinder Transport (Kinder means children) so 100,000 children had to say good bye to their parents, and head off to a different country which must have been extremely sad and frightening. Yet these Children were the lucky ones they survived and their families were sent to concentration camps or killed.

In the afternoon, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet a real person who was one of the children who was part of the Kinder Transport.  He told us a fascinating tale about what it was like to live in Germany if you practised the Jewish religion. Bernard Grunberg, is one of the few survivors who are still alive and he is 96 years old!

Overall it was a spectacular, interesting and thought provoking day.  Thank you Mrs McGivern