Highfields wins first place in Business and Enterprise morning at Nottingham Girls’ High School – Wednesday 1st October 2014

Congratulations to our Form 5 team who achieved FIRST PRIZE today, Wednesday 1st October, in the Business and Enterprise morning which was held at Nottingham Girls’ High School in the run up to Global Enterprise Week.

Pupils from across the County were invited to take part in a morning of teamwork activities, divided into school teams of 5.  With business and enterprise problems to solve and decisions to make there were prizes, certificates and awards up for grabs.

Activities included a word search in which the children were given five sections and had to work as a team to help each other find the words and then draw or write them in the correct place on a blank grid.  Another activity was to name 50 ways in which we communicate in a set period of time.  Only three groups managed to complete this task.  This included things like smile, sign language, instagram, Morse code and winking.

The final activity was to design and make a roller coaster using only card, scissors and Sellotape that would allow a marble to travel along it.  The roller coaster had to start at the height of an A4 piece of paper.  There were prizes for how long it took the marble to travel and for the best design.  We won the latter, calling our roller coaster “The Anaconda”.

Over 100 children took part from 20 schools in this county-wide event so this was a terrific achievement. Very well done Highfields!