Golden Lunch Table for Headteacher’s Awards

Introducing our new Golden Lunch Table!

This year, we have introduced a new initiative called “Headteacher’s Lunch”, which will take place each Monday lunchtime, for all children who were awarded a “Headteacher’s Award” in Merit Assembly on the previous Friday.

“Headteacher’s Award” recipients are invited to sit at the Golden Table in the middle of the dining hall with Mrs Fraser.  The table is decorated with a golden sparkly stars tablecloth and gold stars centrepiece.  The Golden Table is served first and the children may have juice to drink if they wish.  After pudding, they are offered an additional treat such as a small hot chocolate or an after dinner mint.

Well done to those Infant children who were the first to dine with Mrs Fraser at the Golden Table today and enjoy some special extra treats.  Who will be sitting there next week?