Form 6 Yorkshire residential – day three, Wednesday 10th June 2015

Action stations at the activity centre!  Form 6 were put through their paces on day three of their Yorkshire residential with a thorough workout on low ropes, Jacob’s ladder and parallel poles.  And some thought they had come for a week of leisure!  Now beginning to feel battered and bruised, Form 6 are getting a taste of life TRULY outside the classroom…  Here follows their reflections on today’s experiences:

Four challenges, four tasks.

Surely, that’s not much to ask?

A tree climb, daunting and daring,

Hand blocks positioned, crazily challenging

Fifty feet into the air,

Looking so high it gives you a scare.

Yet it’s awesome at the top,

Feeling at home, despite a fifty foot drop.


Team building: carnage: a work in progress

Consisting of pipes and balls and water – let’s not digress.

Low ropes were wobbly and balancing was tough,

Shaking Mr Lewis off was difficult enough.


Jacob’s ladder, stupendously scary,

Parallel poles, at time it was hairy.

A challenge, really fun, paired work to achieve

The very highest beam – boy were we relieved.

Adrenaline pumping,

Hearts a thumping,

Yet with Steve and Rory to guide and advise

Form 6 worked to gain personal pride!


A great day was had by all at Dalby Forest Activity Centre our thanks go to Steve, Rory and Richard.