Form 6 Yorkshire Residential – day one, Monday 8th June 2015

With wellies and waterproofs packed and the minibus groaning under the weight, Form 6 set off this morning for their week’s residential at Cober Hill in Cloughton, near Scarborough.  There was a great deal of excitement as – with SATs and entrance exams a thing of the past – Form 6 are now free to enjoy their final few weeks at Highfields before they move on to their senior schools.

First stop in Yorkshire was caving and gorge walking at Carlton Lodge, which was not for the faint hearted!  Here are their thoughts on their experience…

Deep, dark, dank caves which go on for ever, a never ending infinity

We felt claustrophobic, sometimes stuffed like a sock into small spaces and narrow gaps

A human sandwich between hard rock

Our caving suits made us feel like astronauts, they looked big and cold but were actually warm

The knee pads were tight and very difficult to get on

Many of us thought it would be terrifying but we were fine

Water echoed loudly as it rushed along

This afternoon we gorged ourselves in cold water – hypothermia

Many hands were numb, sometimes in tears with the cold but still we carried on

In our veins adrenaline still pumping

We ran up a rock, hit high 5 then into the water jumping

Teeth chattering, shatteringly cold

But in the end…warm showers…hot chocolate

We have had a great day and rose to the challenges