Form 6 Yorkshire Residential – day four, Thursday 11th June 2015

What a day!  Wall to wall glorious sunshine in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!  Today Form 6 returned to Dalby Forest for another adventure. All measured up and ready to go we cycled off into the forest. A great atmosphere and a definite sense of determination. We took an easy green route to warm up on before tackling the more challenging blue route! There were some steep ups and steep downs but everyone dug deep and completed the ride…a few bumps and scrapes picked up along the way but everyone succeeded and seemed really proud of their 9 mile achievement! The weather couldn’t have been better either with glorious sunshine! We ended the day on the adventure playground and seeing if the log ship created by Amelia and Iris could sail down the small stream. Good teamwork and lots of encouragement today!

(Report courtesy of Mrs Turner)