Form 6 Yorkshire Residential day 4 – Rosedale Abbey

Form 6 enjoyed the fourth day of their Yorkshire residential at Rosedale Abbey today where they undertook archery, low ropes course, a tree climb and the much dreaded “Jacob’s Ladder”. How better to encapsulate their day than in this wonderful poem by Alice, Bethany, Poppy and Rosie. ┬áHere it is.

Out to Dalby forest for the day’s activity

Night line, Jacob’s ladder and even archery

Team work, communication and courage we use

Strength and determination and the odd bruise

Hauling yourself up a 50 foot pine

Hanging from ropes as we clamber and climb

Flamingo Land is tomorrow’s treat

All we need now is a good nights sleep!


Alice, Rosie S, Poppy and Bethany