Form 5 Yorkshire residential day 2 – shelter building and orienteering in Dalby Forest

Today we went to Dalby Forest where we had to make our own shelters so Mr Lewis couldn’t get you wet. Some worked better than others. Our shelters mostly kept out the water but some still seeped through the layers of branches, sticks and leaves.

Soon after, we went to a large trim trail to have our lunch.  When we had finished lunch, we played for about 20mins until it was time for orienteering. Once we arrived at the visitor centre, we made our way to a field near the beck to start the orienteering. It was a challenge we completed in pairs. The fastest group managed it in 20 minutes! It was good fun and promoted teamwork.

Before we set off to return to Cober Hill we went to the gift shop and had some time in the adventure playground. Tonight we are having a turkey dinner and going on one of Mr Lewis’s mystery tours.

Written by Alex Lawrence