Form 5 Yorkshire residential day 4 – Scarborough and Whitby

Today we went to Scarborough and Whitby. First we went to the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough where we learnt about the dinosaur fossil that was almost whole; it was a plesiosaur that was 130 million years old. Whilst there, we also learnt about the Gristhorpe Man whose skeleton had been discovered by William Beswick in 1834. He was found in a hollowed out oak tree supposed to be a coffin. He lived in the Early Bronze Age and he was a very tall man for the time so scientists think he would have been important in his tribe.

After a quick snack we walked down to the beach where we were challenged to create a dinosaur out of sand. There were some great sculptures and lots of super teamwork.

Here is the winning design:


We were then treated to chips!

Shortly after lunch, we hopped into the mini bus and travelled to Whitby Abbey, which inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. First, we went in to the visitors’ centre and then on into the shop. Outside, we found a coffin made of stone which Jack got into, whilst we all pretended to be Dracula. We looked around the Abbey and saw how it is missing lots of pieces and how, unfortunately, it has been destroyed many times; there were lots of different bricks where it had been repaired. The building looked spectacular and it was amazing to think that it had been involved in so many import times in British history.

There was a quick chance to do some shopping for gifts before climbing the 199 steps back up to the Abbey and the mini bus.

Today was incredibly tiring but we learnt a lot!

By Breagha Parr

IMG_0296 (2)