Form 5 Yorkshire residential day 3 – Old Coastguard’s Station, Robin Hood’s Bay

We woke up much later today, 7:30pm, and we had breakfast before setting off to Robin Hood’s Bay. We were really happy and looking forward to seeing the beach. When we arrived we walked down to the Old Coastguard’s Station through a village which was all squashed together and very different to Newark. At the centre a lady spoke to us about tides, smuggling and erosion. After we had finished talking to her, we completed the town trail.

In the afternoon, we finally had chance to relax over lunch before going on to the beach and finding lots of different sea creatures in the rock pools. A lot of us got a little wet. We found one really big crab that ate a really small crab! As a reward we all had an ice-cream. As it was a nice today, we walked on the Cleveland Way to Boggle Hole and took in the nature and views around us. On the way back we meandered along the beach hunting for fossils; we found quite a few.

We had a really good day with lots of fun and laughter.

By Frankie Lightfoot