Form 3 visit to New Walke Museum, Leicester – Wednesday 8th October 2014

Form 3 visited the New Walke Museum in Leicester today, Wednesday 8th October, where we learned more about the Ancient Egyptians as part of our History topic this term.

First we listened to an expert on ancient Egyptians who knew lots of interesting facts about how the Egyptians lived.  We were given ancient artefacts to pass around and look at including bowls, reed pens, pendants and many more.  Some of these items were over 4,500 years old!  You could even see some of the fingerprints in the clay pots as they were hand made.

We were then split into groups to take part in four different workshops.  We dressed up in Ancient Egyptian costumes, were taught how they used to make fire and pretended to do this using just sticks.  We made clay amulets to bring back with us and played a sorting game into Canopic jars.

There were many other examples of Ancient Egyptian artefacts to look at including a mummy, a tomb, a real sarcophogus, ancient tools and lots of other precious articles.  There were lots of examples of hyroglyphics and pyramids.  We even had time to look in the dinosaur section which included fossils, minerals and other creatures and we could sketch some of them.