Form 3 meet some Awful Eygptians at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

The Horrible Histories are on tour and yesterday Form 3 enjoyed a performance at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham by some Awful Egyptians .

From the fascinating Pharaohs to the power of the pyramids, Form 3 discovered the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in Egypt. They were ready to rumble with Ramesses the Great and dared to enter through the Gates of the Afterlife. This show was the history of Egypt with the nasty bits left in!

Here is one account of the visit, written by Katherine:

Dear Highfields,

I am writing to tell you about the Horrible Histories show. The show was amazing, it was scary and frightening but also very funny! The noise was booming! We wore 3D glasses and lots of things came flying towards us like rocks, jars and even a roaring Mummy. In this show we learnt lots and lots of facts. Now Form 3 are Mummy experts. Katherine