Folk with Fiddles – Saturday 22nd November 2014, Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham

Three Highfields pupils and one former pupil our old Head Girl Rosie Mae went to play our fiddles at Folk with Fiddles at the Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham on Saturday 22nd November 2014.

We had to be there for 11.30 and we practised all day, the four of us.  The performance started at 6.30pm.  264 people were there including the musicians.

First we listened to a professional string orchestra which was amazing then we had to wait for our turn which was after the break.  Then we played our songs Kashmir, Rogue Vagabonds,Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lord of the Dance, Les Miserables.  Everyone clapped for ages when our performance was over.  When Lord of the Dance was playing there were some dancers who performed to the music.

It was a brilliant experience and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you to Ms Cozens for organising this.

By Yasmin Tasker, Form 5