Form 6 trip to Lincolnshire Life Museum

Last week Form 6 enjoyed an amazing day at the Lincolnshire Life Museum.  Featuring World War 1 military equipment including guns, a tank, other military vehicles and models of the trenches, the museum gives an acute insight into what WW1 must have been like.  The children could imagine what it must have felt like to carry the 7-stone backpacks which the soldiers had to drag through the mud and rain.

They were also shown old-fashioned printing equipment which was used to generate messages which were then distributed to persuade people to join the war, as part of the massive recruitment campaign at this time.  There was one poster depicting a picture of two children asking their father, “What did you do in the war, Dad?” – the inference being that if you were to take part in the war then you would have something to talk about when you are older.  The children also saw a copy of the famous “Your Country Needs You” poster with the finger pointed straight at the reader.  Now they know the original purpose of that message.