Bugsy Malone

Foot-tapping, finger-clicking, face-splatting fun!  That’s Bugsy Malone, performed here at Highfields School, Newark by Forms 6 to 3 as their end of year show.  And what a show it was!  The cast had the audience in stitches as they shimmied and Charleston-ed around the stage, “tommy guns” and custard pies at the ready!  Was this a licence to squirt silly string all over the stage and school hall?  With shows on Monday and Tuesday evenings to parents and families and a further matinee this afternoon (Wednesday) for our guests from Lancaster Grange, the children worked really hard and were just about word perfect by the time the final curtain came down.  There were some superb musical solos by members of Form 6 and great chorus singing by all.  Not sure about the dodgy gang members..!

Congratulations to everyone for a marvellous show.  Thank you to Mr Higgins for playing the piano and to all the teachers and parents who helped with the set, props and costumes.  Special thanks to Mrs McGivern, Mrs Keen and Mrs Martin for their patience and enthusiasm  – plus all the other people who helped make this a memorable end of year for our 2016 leavers!