Assembly by Flt Lft and Sqn Ldr Mannering

We had an amazing assembly today with two really special presentations by husband and wife team Sqn Ldr and Flt Lft Mannering, Typhoon instructor and pilot respectively.  The children discovered all about the role of the RAF and its part in the infamous Dambusters raid ahead of our visit by George “Johnny” Johnson DFM on 23rd May.  In particular the children learned about old aircraft like the type used in World War 2 and modern aircraft as used in combat today.

A question and answer session went on for a good while, some of the most interesting questions including:  what is the biggest bomber plane? (answer: the American B52) and;  do you get bored when you are being refuelled mid-air? (answer: never!).

Many thanks to the Mannerings for giving up their time to enlighten the children on a truly fascinating part of our history.