Form 4 on PGL

Form 4 on PGL

Form 4 have just enjoyed their first overnight residential at PGL Caythorpe, Lincolnshire. This is a fantastic outdoor pursuits centre which we visit every year. For some children it is their first night away from home without their parents and as such forms an important part of confidence-building.

PGL Caythorpe has lots of exciting activities to enjoy all year round. Led by experienced instructors (and Highfields teachers!), Form 4 pupils confront a number of new challenges including the climbing wall and the high ropes.

One of our favourite activities at PGL is the big swing! This takes your breath away! There are also some rather technical challenges such as raft building which requires concentrated team work.

There is lots of space at PGL which is perfectly used for orienteering.

Going on residentials is a great opportunity to experience something you haven’t tried before. We also have a week’s residential in Form 5 and in Form 6 when we have most recently gone to North Yorkshire.

It is important to us that we can share as much of our outdoor learning experiences with parents. Therefore we have a special assembly led by Form 4 re-telling the story of PGL Caythorpe with actions and pictures.